His drawings style:

Like a fisherman who casts a wide net to gather a lot, Sudip also tries his very best to capture all the precious moments of life. His actual style is quite unique and is definitely a departure from the usual artists. He sees life not as a rainbow of just seven colours but myriad hues and shades in between. His family arrived in India in the early 70’s along with a million other fleeing families and had to start life anew.

In the initial days of his career he started work as a graphic artist and that imbibed in him a unique sense of composition. If you wish to see these wonderful paintings, click the gallery button and you would transported to Sudip’s world of colour and lines. His abstract paintings are likely to touch you with the way he brings forth various human emotions and the complex mental gyrations. There is sadness, grief, happiness, love and a hundred other hues that he shares with you

 “Abstract painting is my forté. Colors reflect emotions. Compositions come from all the facets of life. Nature and people fascinate me. I like to explore, different mediums and styles. Expressionist style intrigues me.”

Painting Subject selection:

There is no fascination or leaning on any particular subjects, rather he draws from his heart whatever attracts him and whatever he feels compelled to express about. Perhaps that is the reason why his paintings are so talked about and finds a ready buyer wherever they are on display at exhibitions. He has had some very good shows in the USA, where his paintings have caught the eye of discerning art buyers, for they value his expression of heartfelt topics with his unusually deft brushwork.


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