7 steps for creating paintings

by sudip · June 1, 2015

As per my experience to create an elegant painting we don’t need to get any certificate from a renowned Art College. I believe we just need to learn some technique that required for creating a good painting based on our ideas. As per my experience there are a few great Artists, those who did not pass out from any Art-College but they are creating extra ordinary good paintings todays by using their talent, techniques and brilliant Ideas. So we need to think first and then create a layout for further development. Finally choose a medium and apply the layout on the canvas or paper. I believe this process may help you to create superb painting. I have established 7 steps for producing a good painting.

1) Think what you wish to say through your painting
2) Make layout in a small paper
3) Review yourself
4) Choose medium
5) Apply your composition on the canvas
6) Send it to your friends who has some knowledge on Art.
7) Upload them on social media or sell them through your website

Start thinking which you love. And think about the topic that you want to express, your art subject might be your feelings for something else, what you see around your world, but it is better if your art subject is global. In that case all type of art lovers will be able to understand your work properly. And you would be a well-known artist in the world.